Rebooting the dream

Welcome to Writing The Egg, version 2.0.  I have made many attempts over the years to be a more frequent, consistent writer and blogger, and 2016 will see yet another, as I try to recover from the abject failure of last year’s #NotLazy campaign.

In a different sort of approach, I have decided to completely reboot WTE.  I have changed the template for a new look and cleaned out the archive, getting rid of the past eight years of posts and whinging and intermittent fits and starts.  This is a new era for the blog and a fresh start for me.

I am not going to lay out all sorts of goals and aspirations in this post, other than to say that I am going to make an effort to blog more often and write something every now and then.  I have no intention of trying to write a novel anytime soon.  My muse has been on vacation or on strike or something for more than three years now.  Grandiose plans and schemes will not bring her back.  If I can blog a bit, and write the occasional short story, I’ll be happy, and we’ll see where it goes from there.

So keep an eye out.  I will definitely be posting a story here later today.  Check back and see what you think of it, and keep a look out as the year progresses.  Maybe I’ll actually get some writing done.

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