Chuck Wendig: The Porcelain Cat Wants In

Sometimes I wonder where my ideas come from.  This week’s Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge is another go at last week.  In Ten More Titles (Round Two!) Chuck selected ten more titles from the ones that were submitted two weeks ago and put them out there for us to play with.  He gave us 1500 words.  Somehow, I got the idea to combine two of the titles, “The Porcelain Cat” and “It Wants In” and to make my story a poem.  I had initial thoughts of doing an homage to “The Raven” but it came out the way it came out.

It’s not very long, only 183 words, but looking at what others have written this week, coming in way under the limit seems to be a trend.  This is different from any of the other writing I have posted here before.  I hope you like it.  Please comment and let me know what you think.  I’ll be curious to know.


My body shines dully
in the glow of the lamp
that lights the front porch

I cry out,
Yet silent,
from a throat of glass

Who will hear me?
Who will find me here,
on the porch as the night falls?

The wind blows
I cannot hear it, though—
my ears are glazed
I cannot feel it
It does not ruffle my fur

Rain falls
The wind blows it onto the porch
and it beads upon my finish
and runs in rivulets
like tears falling
to puddle on the ground at my feet

Who will come for me?
Who will dry me
with gentle hands
holding warm towels?

I stand sentinel against the night
Guarding the house
Keeping my people safe
It is cold, though
And it is


So the wind blows
and the rain falls
and I cry out into the dark
Wanting only to come inside
where it is warm
and dry
and full of loving hands
To hold me
And admire me
And keep me safe
and whole

Not alone any more


2 thoughts on “Chuck Wendig: The Porcelain Cat Wants In

  1. Lovely! It flows nicely and is very evocative. One of the best pieces of free-form poetry I’ve read to date. I’m always envious of those with the talent. I get too hung up on meter and rhyme to be able to write anything other than haiku and feel happy about it.

    Welcome to the Under The Limit club! 😀

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