Chuck Wendig: The Nobody

This week’s Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge is Ten Random Titles.  Pretty self-explanatory.  He gives ten titles, we pick one and go, up to 1,000 words.  I chose “The Nobody” and wrote 241 words.  My first instinct was to  make it a poem, then decided that wasn’t pretentious enough, so I upped the ante and made it a flash piece that is supposed to feel like a poem even though it isn’t.  How did I do?  Did I succeed in my o’er-weening literary whatever?  Please to read and enjoy and let me know!

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Chuck Wendig: Chicken in the Breadpan

This week’s Chuck Wending Flash Fiction challenge is called Invasive Species.  In honor of Chuck’s newest paperback release, Invasive, we just had to do whatever we wanted to do with the concept of an invasive species.  Pretty self-explanatory, wot?  I decided to do mine as a direct sequel to the story I wrote last week,  That means more yodeling demons!  We had 1,500 words to play with, and I used every single one of them.  Please to enjoy, and, as always, please let me know what you think.

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The First Line: Totality

Besides the Chuck Wendig prompts I do each week I also try to complete the prompt from The First Line each quarter.  The First Line is a journal that publishes four times a year and, each quarter, provides a prompt in the form of a sentence that is to be used as the first line in your story.  There are no restrictions on genre or form, but every story in each issue opens with the same first line.

I have been making sporadic submissions to TFL for several years now and have never succeeded in being published.  This is my submission for the current issue, which I sent in at the beginning of May.   This isn’t one of the best things I’ve ever written, but I had forgotten about the deadline and had to throw it together on the last day.  I figured it wouldn’t get published.  I’ll try to get an earlier start next time.  Please to enjoy!

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