Chuck Wendig: Open For Business

The Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge for this week is entitled Inspired By InspiroBot!  We were challenged to go to InspiroBot, which is a website that generates random inspirational images.  Once we got one we liked, take it and use it as inspiration for 1,000 words or less.  Mine came in at 963 words.  My InspiroBot image is below.  Please to enjoy my story.

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Chuck Wendig: Ghosts of the Sea Queen

This week’s Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction challenge is called, “Here are your five word titles.”  Last week, Chuck asked us to submit five word story titles, then picked ten for us to choose from.  I chose “Ghosts of the Sea Queen.”  There seemed only one real place to take it, and if it seems a little cliched, it’s okay.  It’s supposed to.  We had a 1,500 word limit, and I used 1,483 of them.  Please to enjoy, and please leave comments if you are so led.

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