Chuck Wendig: The History of Courage

This week’s Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge is Choose a Title and Go. Chuck gave us ten titles to choose from and 1,000 words to play with. I messed around with several of them before coming up with this (I hope) sweet little coming-of-age story. It’s exactly 1,000 words long. I hope you like it and will comment to let me know what you think Please to enjoy “The History of Courage”.

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#AmRevising: Red Skies at Night

This blog is supposed to be for more than just posting stories.  It’s supposed to give a glimpse into my overall writer’s life.  Tonight, I am finally living up to that promise.  There is big, big news in the writing life of Sam Brady.  Faithful Readers, for time since 2012 there is real, tangible progress on Red Skies at Night. Continue reading

Chuck Wendig: Libera Me

This week’s Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge is Strange Photos.  Our instruction was to go to Google Images and type in “strange photos”.  Pick one for inspiration and go for 1,000 words.  Mine is here, and appears to have been originally created by Blinkbox as part of an advertising campaign for Game of Thrones.  Go figure.


My story is exactly 1,000 words long.  Please to enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment afterwards.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Chuck Wendig: Meeting the Familiars

I sort of feel like I cheated on this week’s Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge, but if so, then I’m going to go ahead and cheat.  This week’s theme is Subgenre Shake-and-Bake, Baby, which is always one of my favorites.  He gives us a list of subgenres, says to pick two of them, and have at it.  Usually I try to randomly pick my two, but I saw that one of the choices was Musical, and one of the others was Comic Fantasy.  I was thrilled.

As it happens, my 2016 NaNoWriMo novel is a comic fantasy about a group of musicians.  I had no choice but to pull one of their performances out of the book and throw it up here for my story this week.  So what you’re getting here is an excerpt from what I think is the best story I have ever written, a novel called Everlasting Tunes: The Ballad of Myron and the Familiars.  I’m going to be revising this later in the year but for now, please to enjoy this taste of the best–and only–bar band in the land.

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