The First Line: Change

Besides the Chuck Wendig prompts I do each week I also try to complete the prompt from The First Line each quarter.  The First Line is a journal that publishes four times a year and, each quarter, provides a prompt in the form of a sentence that is to be used as the first line in your story.  There are no restrictions on genre or form, but every story in each issue opens with the same first line.

I have been submitting to TFL for several years now and have never succeeded in being published.  I am at least zero for thirteen.  There may be more attempts that I have repressed forgotten about.  This was my submission for the current issue, which was due on May 1.  They didn’t accept it, so I can publish it here for you to read.  It’s a little over 2,300 words, making it the longest short story I’ve written in quite a while.  The first line for the quarter was “I wanted you to be the first to know,” Rowan tentatively confided in me.

The next submission will be due August 1.  I’ll give it another try and report back with the results.  In the meantime please to enjoy “Change”.

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Chuck Wendig: Cold

This week’s Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge is called Thy Name Is Vengeance.  1,000 words on revenge in any form.  I used exactly 1,000 words and wrote a sequel to a story I wrote earlier this year, which was called “Three For The Road”.  That story was a little light-hearted and cheerful.  The sequel takes it to a darker place.  Please to enjoy.

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Chuck Wendig: PSA

This week’s Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge was called Space OperaticsSpace opera is a sub-genre of science fiction that has given us Star TrekStar WarsFlash Gordon, and many other wonderful stories.  In honor of Star Wars Day (May the Fourth), Chuck gave us 1,500 words to use in interpreting “space opera” however we wanted to.  As usual, I had to try and find a way to subvert the trope.  I used all 1,500 words and think I found a new way to look at it.  Please to enjoy and feel free to comment at the end.  I’d love to know what you think.

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Chuck Wendig: Night

The theme for this week’s Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge is The Complications of Heroism.  I decided to take a look at an aging superhero and see what happens to them as things change around them.  I was inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, in which Bruce Wayne may or may not be too old to keep being Batman but keeps on going regardless.  My scene is a little different from that story, but the spirit of the thing is there, I think.  It’s exactly 1,000 words.  I hope you like it.  Please to enjoy and comment and let me know what you think.

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