#NaNoFinMo2 (the Quickening)

Just a quick update to say look at the progress bars over there and reflect upon my writing goals.  Realize something, people:

I did it!  I finished my book!

NaNoFinMo2 the Quickening) was a success!  Everlasting Tunes is done!  I wrote 3,213 words tonight to put it to bed.  I finished the first draft with a final word count of 94,530!

I did it!  I finished my book!

Now don’t get all crazy and start asking me about revisions, ’cause I ain’t got nothing to say about none o’that right now. I’m just glad to have the first draft done!  I’m going to let it marinate for a while and figure out what’s next.

My immediate plans are to get some rest, then write a First Line piece by 2/1 and my Chuck Wendig story for this week by next Friday.  Beyond that I will see if I want to revise Everlasting Tunes or start some other long-form thing or what.  I have no idea yet.

For now I’m just trying to wrap my head around the thought that I finished this one.  I haven’t finished a piece even close to this length since 2010, when I produced a complete novel during NaNo that was just over 50,000 words.  I’ve never come close to 94K before.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  I did good.

Keep an eye out here to see what happens next, and please remember to support your local blogger as he keeps working on his goals through 2017.


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